30 June Journal

Monday Monday, don’t want to be at work. I want to be naked, frolicking in the sun. Don’t you? Maybe you are. But I am at work having to do my duties.
Nudity is great no clothing to wash, nothing to hide behind. If caught in a rain storm, well, it don’t matter. You will dry off in a few moments of it stopping, or when you go on our of it. No need for a swim suit either. See, ain’t it grand to be naked? Note it does leave us exposed and unprotected from man made hazards at our job or while mowing and other chores. So it’s not all that sometimes. But I still dream of a nude world. Unjudged by the clothing we wear. Free to be what we are and how we are.
Yesterday we did go over to the local lake. If you read my post yesterday, you know it was a bummer. I can’t see that a lake was built with no swimming area. At least one that is in the middle of civilization. You can boat and fish and kayak and canoe. But you cannot swim. How stupid is that. There is not a place on the entire site line that has a beachy type area. Even privately owned areas had nothing. Signs were posted to saying no swimming. So we will not be going there again.
I can’t believe it’s almost 10am. If I stay busy the days fly by. In the world of nature in our neck of the woods, the wind is going to blow 30 plus miles an hour again today. I don’t mind the breeze, but come on this is a bit extreme.
Now I wonder if I am going to get my spankings tonight. I haven’t had any in over a week maybe two.
Steamy muggy hot it’s is getting to be now at almost lunch time.
Thirty minutes to go before I can head home shower and not be got and sticky. Submissively hers for the night. Well I would hope so any way. Our boarders aren’t out yet. They are waiting in the apartment to be available. Yet don’t wanna pay the rent due if still in the house at the first of July. They really need to go away. Enough of that subject. But in related matters, when they are gone, we can start our lifestyle at home again. I am so ready, like I said, to be submissively hers. To get our house back and to be the slave I am supposed to be. It won’t be fully effective for two more years at minimum. But we will have time and funds more available when we get rid them. Now two years away is the last of the birds to fly the roost. Finding his own way. Not that we are pushing him out, but, we ask have to grow up someday. Do what we want, no parents to kill us for what we have done. Unless, you come to us with a problem and want money, then yes, we will have something to say about it.
Here is where I end today’s journal. About to go home tell soon. Maybe I can post some other stuff later. Enjoy kinksters.

kinks & loves from abezure

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