Once upon a time, well, a fantasy any way.

Blind folded Ken was taken to the dungeon. Dressed like a slut, pink mini skirt, matching top brazier, very revealing. His cock was locked into chastity. A penis piercing with a lock prevented his removing the chastity in any form. A wall full of Mistresses and guys ready to pound the ass of this new sissy slut.
As his Mistress, Katrina, brought him in to the the cat calls and wistles came out.
“Look at that slutty sissy” “ooh i want that sissy ass”, were just a few of the words uttered out.
Katrina placed ken on the table. The table was designed just for a forced peggjng party. Ken was tied down and restrained in such a manner that allows no movement. Yet perfect access to the sissy for oral and anal “abuse”.
The first mistress came up examined the locked cock, and lubed the ass of the slut named ken. She finger fucked him for a few minutes. Then she put her massive cock strap on to his rose bud. Rubbing his man cunt and lubing more, she felt he was ready. Pushing slowly until the tip was swallowed by the virgin ass. Ken yelped out but was quickly muffled by a pair of underwear from one of the man studs. The mistress plunged deep and started her rythmical pounding. She fucked him for about five minutes then pulled out.
Katrina loved every minute of it.

Stud number one, came up, called ken several names, then buried nis cock in one fail swoop. Fucking ken like a 2 dollar whore. The stud emltied his load and moved on. “I wanna fuck dat ass again.” Were his last words as he left the room.
Mistress number 2 with a massive black cock that matched her skin was up. She was ruthless, grabbing kens ball sack, and pulling them harder with each stroke. Ken was in terror screaming muffled and tears running down his face. Katrina could only laugh. He wanted this she said to her self. No he begged for it. Mistress 2 finished up and left like the other two peggers did. Laughing allthe way to the door.
Katrina leaned over to her sissy slut, “are you enjoying your self my bitch?”
Ken nodded and showed much excitement in his eyes. Desirous of more he begged through the gag.
Stud number 2 came up, white and his cock large was not huge, yet was different as it didnt give as a the cock of before. He entered and slowly softly pjmpmed the sluts ass. Making love more than just fucking. Ken was really enjoying the rythmic pleasure. Close to spillng his cum ken squeeled in pleasure. Just as he was losing him self in the wonderful feeling, stud 2 pulled out and left, never looking back.
Mistress 3 came up, grabbed the nipples of slut and twisted. Slapped his balls very hard, pinched the backs of the thjghs and laughed at him. Taking the massive strapon black, 3 inch thick, black, shiny, and contrast to her skin. Inching and pushing harder and harder, til the head disappeared. then pushed it deeper and deeper. The entire 12 inches disappeared. Slut was screaming as the girth was splitting him wide. Then she eased out then in then out and in. Increasing the tempo until she was really fucking deep long strokes. The mind of the slut was lost for the moment. The stretching pain amd the depth was sendkng him over the edge. As the precum was beginning to leak out she stopped, knce last deep shove in, then pulled out. Leaving him gaping, and empty.

Stud 3, a huge muscled black man. A cock as big as the last strap on. Hard and ready he walked up and spoke. “Hi there you slut, ready for a real man.

Grabbing his giant cock, he slapped the balls of the slut. Slapped his gaping ass hole then plunging deep into the depths of sluts ass. Kens cock jumped, his balls pulled up tight. The Studs balls slapped sluts ass, cock pounding deep, deep, deeper. Grabbing the slut by the hips and fucked away. Katrina was watching intently, enjoying every thrust. The leaking precum was no longer leaking, it was pouring. No longer pre cum, it was cum a sticky mess, lubricsting the masive black cock as it pounded in and out. Balls slapping making lots of noises as the hit the sluts ass. Slut ken lost himself, shaking and trembling, orgasm taking over. The stud, his cock growing, pushed in deep and ground around. Pulled out and plunged in agsin. Studs grunting got louder, “yeah you dirty slut. You take a cock like a champ. Are you sure you arent a female bitch?” Deeper he plunged, the last swelling of his cock came, then the flood. A flood of cum that never seemed to end. Dripping out of kens ass.
Ken didnt care, he was lost in an orgasmic bliss. Stud slapped kens cock through the cage. And pumped a last time, final flood of real man cum, the final sisification of ken, has yet to come. Stud pulled out, went around the table, and shoved the cock into sluts mouth. Cum covered cock deep into a slutty sissy mouth. Slut sucked and cleaned autonomously. He was lost still in orgasm, his ass twitched, cock jumping, mouth sucking. Katrina pleased at her slut, had a final poinding waiting for him. Her own cock. Watchkng him suck she pushed her cock into his ass. Now a full slut, both holes filled simultainiously. She fucked him for the rest of the night. The sun came up when she finished. She untied her slut sissy. Helped him to shower, cleaning thoroughly every spot on her slave. She took him to bed and cuddled him, talking to him gently with his new name. Kara, the sissy slut was born that night.

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