26 June Journal

Another day is dawning
The sun and clouds mix
Creating the red and pink sky.

Good morning kinksters how is everyone? I am not really sure how I feel. Go figure. Not in much of a kinky mood this morning for some reason. Hopefully that will change. It seems to bring joys in my life when I am. Even if we here don’t get to play, the thoughts keep me moving.
Sorry about the depressive state of this post thus far. We here in our world, are stressed to the max. Lack of funding and yes pay day for me is tomorrow. The sad part is we won’t have any fun with it. None Nada zilch. Bills have to be paid leaving us empty again. Sometimes I wonder I if I or we have screwed up or fine something to make the spirits mad at us. It seems the last couple of years has been really tough in the money dept. Am I praying to the right god, do I believe correctly, and many other things that run through my mind. The weight of the world send to lay on me. All the issues and making sure of food and a roof and the other needs. I feel that my prayers fall on deaf ears, and my tears land in an empty hole. Asking for help is always meet with bad results. So I try harder to get more hours and extra money. Maybe that is the problem, trying to hard. Are the decisions made the right one. I wonder now if all I ever have done in my life has been wrong. Am I just destined to be miserable. I have been working and working to get ahead and I just fall further behind. Yes my kids always had what they needed, sometimes what they wanted. Never the way I planned when they were born. They are on their own now. And I never hear a word from them. I hope they are OK. A father and a mother never ever stop wondering about their kids. Maybe someday they will come back around. Until then I wonder what I did that had them not went to be in communication. I had best stop on this here. It seems I may have said to much as it is.
Now I hope the sparkles and light and glitter float around and cheer ask you people up. Cuz this post sure isn’t thus far.
Thanks to all the people and others following and not for viewing. I had 181 views Tuesday! An all time record for me. That was cool to see. Thanks everyone!! πŸ™‚
I am home with a lost train of thought. So have a great day evening or what ever.

kinks & loves from abezure

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