Some thoughts on my upcoming trip. I hate airplanes, being invaded and then not having a way to get around. But let’s back up to the airport. They have or had xray scanners to see if you are carrying stuff you shouldn’t.


Supposedly it left little to the imagination. And I feel it’s an invasion of personal space. Is my private parts. Yet I live being nude. Which brings me to the next phase of this post. Why not just go naked. They won’t have to secretly scan me and giggle. Hell every one can scan me and giggle.


So if we were to have nudity on the plane then we would not need all the scanner devices. Lowering costs of airport operations, lowering air fare. So why not. They want our freedoms any way, why not take our clothing from us. So that’s my idea. No, I would not do it. Though I will be in another place without my pocket knife and multi tool that I use for work daily. That’s going to really suck. I do not know how to get them there and don’t know how to operate with out them. Guess for two weeks I best learn.




kinks & loves from abezure

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