21 June Journal

Well it’s Saturday, going to a family reunion for her family.
Not sure what’s gonna happen there.
Yesterday’s stats on WordPress sucked, I got more views today at 10 am then all day yesterday. But it really doesn’t matter.
Were are back home now. She seemed more than happy to leave the reunion. Me I never fit in with those things even in my own family.
We are both tired and kind ready to go back to sleep. Lots of fun today, not! šŸ™‚ to tired to write for right now.
We decided to go to the movies, we saw Noah at the dollar show. It was interesting with some refreshing on the actual bible version due. I am a veery religious type of person, yet I don’t go to church, and don’t believe the way every one else does. Based on the movie, there was in that day and age, lots of nature involved in the interpretation of Gods word. Like visions, and other items that are found in other religions. Other religions tend to continue the nature interpretations. But I am not going to get into a religious discussion on this post or even this blog right now. Though there maybe and is lots of things that are intertwined.
I am off to bed now it’s 1030pm and have to go do some work for my dad in the morning. So much for the stuff I gotta do. I plan out stuff and every time, he has an emergency on a vehicle that just can’t wait. Yet he had talked about it for months, but now it’s a problem.
Good night all.

kinks & loves from abezure

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