20 June journal

Good morning kinksters, littles and the like. It’s Friday, another week almost complete. As I checked through posts I see some fellow kinky People are going to meet. I was thinking of the same thing my self. I am sure some cheering up and a shoulder to lean on is in order. I am glad to see that they are meeting up. It helps the soul to have friends and a physical body to cry on when needed. Hurray!!
So my night got planned out. It’s gonna be a long one riding around to do her bidding. Not that big a deal except for five o’clock traffic. I have to get some software updated, and go to work.
My sunburn from last weekend is spare l worse than I thought. I peeled, and find more burns under the burns. It’s only been two years since my upper arms really got any sun. I usually don’t burn. But this year it did. Mostly because I haven’t maintained my nudity and sun properly.

As I have read through posts this week and listened to some issues closer to home, it has become apparent that, this week has been filled with sad news. Every one I know or inter act with has had issues. This is at work, online and at home. The bad karma bug had been every where this week. Is it because of the last Friday having been the thirteenth? Next week should bring great things to us all. Walk straight in tomorrow’s wind, cherish each moment of the sun today.
As bad as it seems sometimes it’s not always as bad as we tend to make things out to be. It could always get worse, yet we due are tired of the bad stuff. Hers to a great weekend and maybe a better week ahead.
There is about thirty minutes left here at work, as unproductive as it had been. So here I am killing time. Monday is planned and ready. Time to forget about this place for a day or two. Go home and doctor my sun burn some more.
It didn’t look like this a week ago. Now it just hurts. Sorry about the graphic nature of the pic.
As of this morning looks like I am going to Memphis for work come mid July. Will be there for two weeks. I have never been in Memphis. Don’t know any one there. So I will most likely either be ate job or having a TV time in the hotel/motel. I hate flying in planes. Then the airport bs since the last time I flew twenty years ago. No pocket knife no nothing. I am going to be naked with out my daily gear. How do I travel and get this stuff there to? I don’t know. Any answers?

I am home now and going to sign off. Have a wondrous Friday evening every one.

kinks & loves from abezure

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  1. Wet Bliss says:

    Ouch! Get some sun-block! Have a great weekend. I loved this line…Walk straight in tomorrow’s wind, cherish each moment of the sun today.


    1. abezure says:

      I think some of it is wind burn from the high winds to. I was on a motor bike all day


  2. Wow. That looks painful.

    Hope your work trip is ok.


    1. abezure says:

      The trip doesn’t start until 13 July. I hate flying


      1. I hate when Daddy travels. I hate not having him around. I am the worst traveler ever. lol.


      2. abezure says:

        What makes you the worst traveler


      3. Lol. I am not good in a crowd. If I am alone I tend to have small panic attacks. I am very jumpy and nervous.


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