18 June Journal

Whacking Wednesday, hump day. Take your pick. Did not sleep well last night.
Mistress for a job through an agency, of all places out has to be at wall mart. The last place she wanted to be. And it’s at night. But we aren’t complaining to much. At least it’s a pay check. And our boarders are supposed to be out in a week and half. I am so much ready for them to leave. I have noticed today’s young generation, less than twenty five or thirty, are mostly just takers. Meaning that they expect others to do and give them what they want. This does not apply to every single one. Just the generality of the generation. And that is how these boarders are. Not to mention our own kids. We only have one kid left at home. Honestly I am ready to see if he makes something good on himself. He tells a good show, yet with every action and word afterwards he contradicts himself. Kids today went listen to anything you tell them either. More so than I remember from my own past.

For those feeling blue, here is some ray of sunshine.

“Here comes the sun and I say, it’s alright. ”
Well enjoy it I hope it brightens your day.
Now back to nature, back to submissiveness, back to Love. Weeeeee!! 🙂
I think I am getting old, when I see stuff and wonder where it went, what happened to the days of freedom and trust. Being able to go to the lake and be left alone, or bring asked to join you at a camp fire. Now it’s gone, lost in the pages of history. Freedom to be what we are. Yet there was also some reasons not to be ourselves. Thinking has changed, or has it? More regulations say no you can’t and others say yes you can. Double standards I say.
So I am home now. I got rather ticked off. Our boarders changed a note my wife wrote. It now reads “I will cook if the kitchen is clean, I am the maid.” It used to read “I will not cook if the kitchen is not clean. I am not the maid.”
So with that I am pissed off. Back to the young generation being takers.
Sorry about the depressive ending. I was in such a happy mood. Damn kids disrespectful and a host of other things.
Good night every one. Have a good night every one.

kinks & loves from abezure

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