17 June Journal

Where to begin? The fresh and new is lost forever. What happened I ask. We were so much in love and now I wonder. Why does life deal out bad cards on such a regular basis. No our relationship isn’t in jeopardy. Though or affection for each other seems to be lost. We have had no lifestyle activities in forever. Aside from the occasional spank session at home we have not played in any way shape or form. Anytime one of us attempts or backfires. I only wish I could fix it. So what we need is some excitement and since of purpose. I feel all I do is work and work. It’s getting old. Work and sleep worrying about the next issue, how to pay the next bill. What to do, what to do.
What a crappy journal entry this is. There must be something in the air. It seems we all are having some kind of drama issues lately.
I finally got refocused to finish the project I started this morning and about half done with the second. Two more to go on this unit and another. They are seat recovering. It’s hot inside one of these things. No air the sun beating on it. It gets really hot.
I am signing off here for now. I am sure I can find some more to write about that is more cheerful and glee.
Enjoy y’all s day kinky people.

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