16 June Journal.

Monday, the dreaded. Especially after three days off. I have plenty to do today. I feel some what better after the extra day and time out of town. Yet the stress of home is still there as well as work.
Now on to better exciting things. Cinnamon has a broken heart. So far we have all been trying to cheer her up. Has it worked? We will see if she starts sprinkling fairy and pixy dust everywhere, while riding the golden unicorn.
I seem to not be seeing as many posts from every one I follow. With the summer and traveling, schools out, and just enjoying the great out doors, I suppose that ecru one is busy. I know I have been. It’s been kind of wonderful to not be out and see green this year. Our last few years of drought have kept things from being green for very long. This year is different. We have had rain, and some decent weather fire a change. Yet our water issues ate far from over with the lakes being so far down. Some even completely empty.
We are still planning some time away from home. Nudist resorts are fun and we enjoy them greatly. We may even just go for the day. But we do need time away from home. Nude water volleyball is really cool. Keeps is in shape and gives us a no tan line tan too. Some how every time we plan out stuff someone gets an emergency and we have to cancel. That really sucks to.
It’s only noon thirty. Now this day is dragging. It’s hot muggy and windy. I am still sleepy from the weekend.
Mistress is depressed, the job search is destroying her. Nothing found to date. I don’t know what else to do for her. It sucks too.
Finally, 30 minuets to go. I am ready to get out of here. I lined up my work for tomorrow. So I may not post much if at all tomorrow. Oh wait, I have to. Or its fifty smackers on the ass and titties. So I guess I better do it.
See you folks later. And be sure to Masturbate tonight it’s masturbation Monday.

kinks & loves from abezure

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