15 June Journal

It’s Sunday, sexy, sexual, lazy day. Yes I am horny. Sunburned on my arms, after 345 miles on the motorcycle. Over 180 miles in the high plains and hills of west central Texas. That doesn’t count the 165 miles on Friday. By the time I got home I was ready to be of the bike for a while. My brother and I had a good time. He was worn out by the time we got back to his house. He had never ran that far on his bike. Tack on 25-35 mph winds we had to fight all day. That wind wore us both out. Then I still had to fight it home. Today we have to go to the grocery and see my dad for father’s day.
We went to the grocery, put the food up, and ate some lunch. Now just waiting on the first part of dinner to get ready so we can go see my folks.
Been watching father knows best. I like the show. Wish i had watched it sooner in life.
Been to Wally world, I hate Wally world it’s just that it’s the worst place on earth to go to buy anything. Though some how they are keeping the prices down. Not sure how they are doing it.
So enough of all that. It’s just been another weekend. By the way our borders are out by the first of July. Hooray, we can get our lives back, and start our dynamic again like it’s supposed to be.

Good night kinksters, hour you dates had a great day. And to all I hope we had a great weekend.

kinks & loves from abezure

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