12 June Journal

A muggy stormy day today so far. It is said that if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it will change. We will see. So far it is nasty looking.


Usually it is much brighter than this at the time I took this pic at about 7am.
We had a whacking sex filled Wednesday night and it caused me to be very sleepy this far today. I started out orally pleasuring her. That seemed to let forever. I am not sure how many times she orgasmed or at least got close. I must have been really tired as I was having difficulty keeping an erection. After more coaxing I was erect enough and allowed to penetrate her. Half expecting to be denied orgasm my self, we continued for a good while. She had to be reaching climax several times. She would squeeze so tight that the piercing hurt. Finally her command to cum came. I shook violently as I did and then, I was told to clean her. I had not finished and was rather disappointed in the fact I had to stop. Yet I was excited that I was to clean up the mess. Forced or not it was exciting. I think she came again during the process.
There is something about it, that is humiliating. The act of cleaning up the sexual juices. I dream of it and desire it. Then after ejaculation, it seems demeaning. Doesn’t matter if I finish climaxing or not. I wonder what it would be like to clean up after another male. Sexually excited and what not. I may not feel that feeling.
Tomorrow is Friday, I am being forced to take a day off. We aren’t allowed overtime. Since I had was on call and had been called out , I am having to take the day off. A good thing I suppose. I can go see my brother a little sooner. Spend some more time with him. I need a mental health day any way.
I am at one hour to go before work gets to be a post thing f for today. Weeeeee!!!
Is been off and on rain all day.
And as such the the thoughts of being on chastity again have been really strong. I have for the last hour or so been getting fairly horny over the idea. I am not sure what the piercing I have will say about it. Which really is the reason for it in the first place. Just been waiting on the healing process to complete. I need to research some stainless steel locks. Ones that would be ideal for that.
Any how note I am home and well, bored once again. Horny and a host of other lifestyle frustrations that we can’t seem to accomplish. So before this post turns into a rant of depression.
Good night everyone. Have a great weekend folks. Stay kinky!! Weeeeee!!!

kinks & loves from abezure

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