In my knees bowing before your magnificent dominance, I beg, beg for release of sexual tension. You give me the sex but in your own way. Bedding me over you inspect my areas. Then after several swats, penetrate the rose bud of my rear. Denying gratification to my penis. Using the anal stimulator you milk my prostate. I beg more for release, with each moment of begging, a swat lands on my ass. Each one harder than the the last. I beg continuously, as you ignore the requests. Relentlessly you gain your pleasure, and the milking complete. Then I am forced to consume the fruits of you labor. With more swats to my rear, as I consume. When I have cleaned the plate you stop.
“Maybe this will teach you to beg my slut.” As you turn to leave laughing at my frustration.
Secretly I am happy that the out come has pleased you.

kinks & loves from abezure

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