11 June Journal

And so another day has dawned. Heavy dew on everything this morning. My glasses were wet and and could barely see through them on the way to work.
Last night I got my spankings. It was wondrous and I loved it. I got twenty strikes on each cheek. That makes forty. It was fun I must say. I also had clamps on my nipples. She tugged them after each swat.
Ah yes folks, it is hump day. I had forgot that today is a day of the perverbial humping. Maybe I can make the best of and pleasure my Mistress. Maybe I can have some sex too.
Well I get home and find out that one if the boarders we have has been cheating on funds. I still say they need to go away. If they don’t I am afraid I am going to explode.
We are of to eat then do some other stuff. Then I am gonna shower and hit the hay. Yes folks I sleep on hay. That’s why I smell like a farm every day. πŸ™‚
Good night folks.

kinks & loves from abezure

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