Forced to Masturbate II

The kennel was locked, I was nude except my shirt. My arousal still peaked as the new form of domination was happening. Mistress returned and emptied the contents of a black sack onto the bed. From my point of view they were still unknown.
Mistress unlocked the kennel and allowed me out enough to place the leash on. Sh for me on the bed and began to me and explain the garments she had bought.
“These are your every day under garments. They are only allowed until the complete healing of your penis from the piercing. Then only when I want you in them.” Picking up the package of brightly colored feminine satin bikini cut panties. She went on to explain the next item. “This is your nightly wear. To help firm your belly and reduce the waist size. If i find that this isn’t on when I come to bed, well, it’s a fifty swat paddling right then. I don’t care if you are asleep. Then it’s fifty days of denial. Oh don’t think it will be easy. I will tease you and have you begging to cum. But I will only laugh at your discomfort.”
She handed me the girdle, a full body type with small cups for breasts. She then took the shirt off of me and led me to the bathroom to shower.
In the bath an enema bottle was laid out along with some nice female bath salts. Ira’s told not to come out until the body that belongs to her was squeaky clean. Inside and out. She left and locked the door while I made my bath. Soaking in the salts and filling my anal opening with the enema.
I emerged from the bath with my leash and collar on. I smelled so pretty and felt that way to. Led back to the bed room I was instructed to put on the bodice girdle that I never really looked at. I got it on and noticed that it appeared to look like dog fur but wasn’t. As I moved I kept feeling something move on my butt. Finally I got turned to look and realized there was a dog type tail attached. I almost lost my self on sexual pleasure from the thoughts and feelings of the new bed clothing. I was then put back into the kennel. I slept there all night.

kinks & loves from abezure

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