9 June Journal

An awakening to the weeks blowing the trash can put into the yard. Thunder crashing, lightening flashing, I am shocked Mistress hasn’t jumped from the bed. She loves lightening, hates the resulting thunder. The dogs won’t go out to potty. They don’t like the rain. Even if there is no thunder.
The rain has stopped for now. They are saying more tonight and maybe some tomorrow.
We have needed rain in the worst way. I just hope it’s not going to spoil plans for the weekend.


Nothing happened again yesterday just what little I posted in my journal entry. There hasn’t been much going on. She has been dominating in her mentality, being more commanding rather here lately. Which has been a rather exciting.
Now I have made it home. It is trying to rain again. I am watching TV and kinda tired. I am but sure what to do with my self being home an hour earlier. I went cleaning on my motor cycle. Ate dinner and got my shower now it’s TV time watching McCloud.
I am singing off until the next bat time we meet.
The sun is shining again. πŸ™‚

kinks & loves from abezure

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