8 June Journal

So I am with Mistress to finish painting a place. The people haven’t even woke up to let us in. We been here an hour waiting. I hate people that commit and don’t follow through. Apparently this last is lazy she yelled at her son to check the door she says. A real female supremacist. He never went to the for and apologized for not having the for answered. She continually chastised the boy for not checking. However she did not punish on a way I thought.
We have about finished the kitchen now. I am gin l going to stay the bath and then we can do the living room and done.
The painting is done and she got paid. We’re off to the grocery and wouldn’t you know it, I get a call for a broken down charter unit.
We are finally home and have yet to get to the grocery. Well it will wait.
Mistress was supposed to slow me sex today. I don’t think that will happen as it stands right now we are just to pooped to pop. Maybe later. I am off to shower and get the paint off of me and to get my laundry started for the week.
Well I am signing off to tied to write. Good night people.

kinks & loves from abezure

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