7 June Journal

Spent today working on an antenna for my dad. Building and cutting parts. It’s ready to be assembled. A long hour day in my shop. Mistress is out painting in the sun. Hopefully she will get paid for her work. Then she is going to finish another job she started earlier on the week. Hopefully she will get paid for it to.
So how does a lifestyle couple balance the lifestyle play time and such with the lack of money?
The self imposed chastity had me pretty horny. The piercing still had it’s good days and bad. I am actually beginning now to like having it. I am just ready for the complete healing to happen. I know from experience that they can take a good while. The piercing was done in last February or early March. So it’s been about three months. I know that Mistress really lives the sex with it. I think she just almost has an immediate orgasm when we get to have sex.
What else is there t to say for today? I just don’t know. I am open to discussions and questions if any one cares to do so. Until next time we meet, another post or two, happy trails.

kinks &SMP; loves from abezure

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  1. anonymouscouple says:

    What sort of piercing is it? I have a P.A. and we were having sex within the week! lol Before she caged me again, of course. Doesn’t hurt me at all anymore. Totally like my earrings, except it’s a little lower.


    1. abezure says:

      It’s a reverse pa. It migrated the first week about 1/4-3/8″ hence some of the issues. I have several posts on the issue.


      1. anonymouscouple says:

        Sorry–been a busy month! šŸ˜‰ Let me go back and read some more.


      2. abezure says:

        Oh that’s fine you don’t have to right now. Well, unless you are bored.


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