Question For Today

Mostly for the Dominants sub’s may answer as well.

What kind of reacting or reaction do you expect from a sub during;
Daily Rituals?
Aside from bruising or temporary marks. Things like apologies, movements, noises.
After effects?

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  1. Lady M says:

    The reactions that really get me are moaning, whimpering and those short staggered breaths. I’m sure there is more to it because there is a visual component but I just love the noises I get him to make. They really get my pussy dripping – like puddle on the bed dripping.

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  2. flogginfloozie says:

    I hope you get a lot of responses! I’d love to hear the other side, great idea!


    1. abezure says:

      Yes me to. I think that its like sex, of your partner isn’t in to it, then there is nothing really happening. And that makes it boring. Yet the dominant has to be into it to

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  3. ladyecstasy says:

    Depends. Begging, groveling, gasping, whimpering and cumming are a good start. I agree I like the sounds and faces he makes. If it’s punishment he better look absolutely miserable and be whimpering and begging.


    1. abezure says:

      How about body movements? Squirming, thrashing, and so on.


      1. ladyecstasy says:

        Yes. I like squirming, cowering, trembling, thrashing, flinching.


  4. Lady M says:

    Yes the squirming, bucking up in the air trying to fuck anything haha grabbing, rubbing any part of my body just to touch me and that look of helplessness when he’s fighting against the restraints. 🙂

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