6 June Journal

Good afternoon kinksters, it’s Friday. Weeeeee, 🙂 !
Today starts the summer season for me
An hour later to and an hour earlier from work. No over time is allowed during this time. It’s good and bad at the same time.
So any way I was thinking of what humiliating things Mistress could do to me. No standing to pee? Ever. And what else? Any suggestions? So it is hard to accomplish some of those tasks i am sure.
We are planning a motor bike camping trip in a few weeks. Starting on Friday and ending on a Monday. We will see how that goes.
This change of work hours had me all fouled up. I thought it was Saturday all day. My routine is messed up. And gosh, what to do with my self. And we definitely are out of sync with my blogging post today.
So with Mistress being absent for the last few days, should she give all the missed out on missed out spanks and punishments tonight?
Maybe she should.
Good night every one. I am off to piddle paddle.

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