5 June Journal

The last day of school. Yippee, I am ready. No I don’t attend school. I just work on buses. Now I can get some stuff accomplished that has had to be put off. Starts that are cut and torn from students who like to destroy things. Things like that.
So about my journal entries, I am required per our contract to maintain a journal entry each day. A good twenty smackers on the ass if I don’t. I may even be sent to bed with out my supper. Sex lately has been out of the question since she hasn’t been home much. So my journal is a place to vent and speak about anything without punishment. It helps her understand what goes through my head. Sometimes I ramble because something has got under my skin. Other times I write about our journey and our hardships. What makes us as a lifestyle couple who we are. A plethera of a bunch of stuff.
Other posts as you may have noticed are scattered and sexual in nature, or about nature. Though I haven’t written about nature in a while as I have not been out much enjoying it. Sometimes I have historical stuff. Bdsm isn’t always about the dungeon. It’s about life, and learning. Yet we are still dominant and slave. Yes it’s fun, exciting and arousing. We have our moments in public and private. But it’s also about life love and happiness. Or funding for our extra activities has been short, extra short they is, that had caused undue stress and a lack of desire to really post good material. So yes it has made me lazy, and unwilling. It affects our relationship and our time together. Then enter the jail issues of our son and his friends. We have had the friends stressing with us while they awaited court. That is over now and I am ready for those two people to go away. This one thing had destroyed the harmony of our house. And it had left even more stress of money. Yes they are paying rent. But it is not enough with the amount of food, time in the shower and such. They just need to leave. We have discussed it and they should be fine by the end of this month.
All the things I spoke of in the last paragraph has created tension between Mistress and I. I believe she is now seeing it.
Any how this will conclude the rant of today. Stay tuned to the same slave channel for more. Will he get bruised today? Will he lick the feet of his owner? Or will he just simply be.? Have a good day all and think kinky thoughts.

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