4 June Journal

Boy, a half a year is almost gone. Time flies doesn’t it in this super rush rush works we live in now. The longest day of the year is just a few days away. I am just working as always and thinking of spending a weekend with my brother in a couple of weeks. We haven’t spent much time together lately as he lives three hours away. As I said a rush rush world and no time for anything.
Our lifestyle has suffered the last several weeks to. Our nightly rituals we started has been impeded upon and is making it less than enjoyable with fear of the kids walking in to hear the sounds of paddles and belts landing.
That brings me to a question.
Should the sub/slave be squirming around during a session play or disciplinary action?
I seem to think they should. I just wonder every ones thoughts on the matter.
So its been hot but the sad part is the humidity, making it feel worse than it is. Mistress is out painting a house for some extra cash. Not sure she going to get home to do our nightly punishment. I cant complain a whole lot. She is doing all she can. I guess the medical field isnt all its cracked up to be. So how do you get experience, if you cant get hired to get the experience, for the lack of experience. Its a hrd thinv to do and i dont undrstand it.
Well i am off to bed again. Work and sleep that is all i seem to do. Good night all.

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