Mistress Leather

The look of leather,
Encased her curves.
Showing a form,
Beautiful and erotic.
The smell of leather,
Mixed with hers.
Creating a trance,
I could not escape.
A spell she cast,
Into my empty soul so vast.
Eyes of brown,
Hair of gold.
It all matched,
The look and smell of leather.
The hand so firm,
The hand so kind.
Molding that which is hers.
With a look I obeyed,
Her wishes she conveyed.
The binds that hold
Made and smell of leather.
On the bench exposed for her,
My body and my soul.
Open are my heart and mind,
As she begins to make me whine.
My genitals sting,
My bum starts to burn.
The mind begins to swim,
Heart begins to yearn.
Taken by the feel of leather.
Biting my ear,
Kissing my neck,
I am almost insane.
Genitalia grows,
Pleasure is close.
Finger nails scrape,
The tender back of flesh.
Leaving her Mark,
Feeling, smelling of leather.
The beautiful figure,
Wondrous touch.
I am lost to her trance.
Behind me she takes her stance.
Begging I cry,
Please take my life.
A strange feeling occurs,
As the pleasure she denies.
The milk she captures,
Is given back through cries.
Consume I must,
I am lost in her lust.
The smell and feel of leather,
The beautifulness of her,
No pain will take it away.
Strike after strike,
Leather is her might.
A slave she takes,
Subspace he is away.
The smell of leather,
The feel of an owner,
Cuddles him into comfort.
List in her charm,
The feel the smell of leather.
A woman in leather,
The weakness of slave.
Her collar of leather,
Forever he will bear.

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