3 June Journal

The masks we ask wear are a defense mechanism. We wear them on line, in real life, and many times when we look into the mirror. What is it we are trying to hide from ourselves, and significant other. Aren’t we to be open with these two people? Share things and let our deep dark secrets out? I thought so my self. We as children are preprogrammed, yes we are, no matter what we think we are. I re blogged a post on sex. To take the case in point. Our sexuality or lack thereof is a result of how our parents, churches, main stream media and other elders taught us. They told us things like it’s not right to touch, sex after marriage, lust and a house of other things are wrong. Our deep thoughts of kink and other things must remain as such. This seems to leave us lost and confused. Or also runs over to our marriage and can cause problems. Like hiding certain important things that are happening. With out the openness and discussions of feelings a relationship is bound to fail. I know I had two that did and the third is going good so far. I still have secrets as a result of my up bringing and of hers. We both have a great deal of growing in the openness and sharing department. I hope it continues to get more open. For with out it we will fail. I don’t wish or want to fail.
That’s my journal for today. Be open even if it hurts. It will work out especially if you truly love each other. And together you can make all your desires happen.

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