Torturous Pleasure

And the climax came,
Ejaculation erupted.
The stimulation never ceased.
Continuing the stroking of the organ, the body could not take any more.
Slave jumps and jerks, attempting to escape the binds that tie.
The stimulation continues,
Screaming is loud.
Being begins as,
The torture plays.
The dominant laughs
While the orgasm bathe continued through the body.
Aleve falls limp
No more fight.
Dominant stops,
And cuddles so light.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. missaisuhi says:

    Glad to see you doing your poems again


    1. abezure says:

      That isn’t much of one.


      1. missaisuhi says:

        Lol but you are writing. And you get extra swats for not taking the compliment. You are an awesome writer. And I have been liking your poems. Its been a long time since I have ever seen you write them.


      2. abezure says:

        Well i don’t know why but I just haven’t.


      3. missaisuhi says:

        Lol not sure either


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