My take on a Little in the lifestyle

As you all know,, i asked what a little is. I have found so many simularities in the descriptions. It spawned many writings and posts from others about the subject. My reader is full of posts on littles, as well as my comments section.
So my take is probably all wrong, no offense intended, and i am sure i will miss something, but here goes.
Littles and Baby girls are to me one in the same. Tendencies are very simular. Giving up control and or holding the life of being childlike. Renouncing at times, the responsibilities of the age they actually are. This doesnt mean that they are irresponsible, just to get this out. It means that they are “free” to feel how they feel at that moment. Some are just enjoying the comfort of a small relinquishment of responsibility. Others are going to the extreme (only a figure of speach) and play the age dynamic. There is so much to it that i could never explain in one post.
It does take great strength to allow oneself to open up the vulnerabilities that such a dynamic entails. The dynamic is, to me, one of great passion and openess for both parties involved, or what ever number of people are in the relationship. From my readings the “little” dynamic isnt totally closed to females only. Males can identify as such as well, though females make the majority.
Being able to make available to the world your tendencies to be “childlike” in todays world takes great courage. I was brought up with a structure that my dad had said i was to old to watch cartoons. The military had its teachings as well. Yet deep down i wanted to be open about things. Things like my love of sex of all kinds gay lesbian, strait and my enjoyment of leather and the look of people in the lifestyle, spandex, collars, female clothing, on and on and on. So much of me has been repressed by teachings of the past. Yet some or should i say much of the way things are in the present seems to suck royaly.
Anyway i wonder if i am or a little my self or not. I have tendencies to have tantrums when life doesnt give me what i want. I like to sit and watch old shows and cartoons. I want to be cuddled and loved for the sake of it. I wasnt to lay in mistress lap or her feet and petted. I like to be punished, and other things that are humiliating. We were in the academy sports, i always look and buy womens volleyball shorts, the spandex ones. They fit nice and i like them along with spandex pants that i wear in the winter. So i picked up some red ones. They look more appropriate for a male and i have black ones and blue ones. She said i have could not have those. I was broken right then. Until the next sentence came out. Pick one of these colors she said. Pointing at the feminine colors of pink, purple, flouresent yellow and the likes. I got so turned on. She never said that before. So i have my own personal questions.
So there is something intriguing about “littles”, or baby girls. I have much to learn kn the subject, yet i have much to learn of myself that i since forgotten. So i hope to anyone that needed a description i helped. If more is needed then i suggest asking one or several, or research it on the internet as i am going to do. Enjoy !!! πŸ™‚


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    1. abezure says:

      So what did you think on my post?


  1. I agree very much with your comment about living this lifestyle taking great courage. I also really appreciated your anecdote about picking out a pair of spandex shorts. That was great to hear! I strongly relate to your wondering if you’re a little or not. I’m exploring the concept for the first time at the moment; I’m full of questions and not many answers so far πŸ™‚ But that’s only natural I think. I also have to say that I was particularly interested in reading your perspective as a man. I’m planning to write a post about what I term gender fluidity, and I am very interested in perspectives other than the masculine manly man and feminine girly woman. I hope my interest is welcome. Thanks for posting!


    1. abezure says:

      There isnt much in pics and postings about males who are anything more than “pigs”. There isnt much at all, i like the idea of suspension and there isnt much, it seems when i look for stuff, collars and such pics ideas and what not its all geared to the females. I am feeling that it is unfair that us men have to fit in a small box. Meanwhile clothig and mentalities are much greater for the females. 😦


      1. Gender bias affects us all, unfortunately some of us are cut deeply by it while others thrive on it. I hope when I finish this post I’m working on about gender fluidity you will read it & let me know what your thoughts are in response.


      2. abezure says:

        As always


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