31 May Journal

Today, lifeless yard work. Well i say that. The yard work wasnt lifeless. I tryed to re work my collar and it didnt work correctly so i put it back the way it was. Mistress played softball all day. I sure wish she could get paid for it. She would make some money, and do quite well.


I tinkered around the house for a while. Then with permission went to the gay bar. I was groped, felt, sucked, and did some sucking with no alternative. I was pretty much forced to do so. That was nice but scarey as well. He was cute and had a nice cock. I sure wish i could have done more but that was all i could do with out a proper greeting to mistress and here ok. So i did see that i could have a guy, he would have me. Actually more than the one. Letting go of inhibitions seemed to be my biggest issue. Rather than instigate an encounter, i waited for such to happen. I was friendly but not agressively seeking. I was seeking but in a passive way. I didnt turn away any come ons. It was nice and made me want sex all the more. I probably should get out like that more often. I might be more open and such. I didnt want to lose the opportunity for a future encounter with the handsome guy and his beautiful cock. He seemed dominant, and was directing the kissing. I was to kiss a certain way with very little openness of my mouth. I did allow him to control some of the aspects. I would not allow a full out sexual encounter.
Mistress is due to be home any minute. She said she would peg me. I cant wait. I am ready, maybe the scene will much more. We are childless at the moment. Cant wait. Good night for today maybe i can give a full report on the scene of tonight, tomorrow.


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