What a pair,

These two look lovely, but, at the same time unforgiving.

Male slave as a Statue of art

I like how his ankles are bound to his balls. His wrists are to his thighs, large hoop rings in his nipples. So yummy that i want to do this my self.

30 June Journal

Monday Monday, don’t want to be at work. I want to be naked, frolicking in the sun. Don’t you? Maybe you are. But I am at work having to do my duties. Nudity is great no clothing to wash, nothing to hide behind. If caught in a rain storm, well, it don’t matter. You will…

Question of today

Ok i have question, and need some help. This is for the females in the female led relationships. How do you balance the day to day routine of what decisions are made by who. Is your sub partner always submissive? Is there a point or decision that isnt enough for your soul descrestion? Or is…

29 June Journal

Sunday morning, after a saturday night sex. I slept pretty well flr a change. I sure hope Mistress did too. Seeing as she got up way after i did she must be. Today i am wearing my girl shorts. Yes i have a pair. I love them, mostly due to the fact they dont go…

If i had of seen this

Growing up this was a movie everyone talked about. I didnt and dont care for horror flicks so i never saw it. Until a few years ago i still didnt understand the rage of going to a midnight showing of the film. Now after seeing it a few years ago at home, i think it…

Special sissy panties

Special made for the sissy in chastity. You know how hard it is to hide your junk when you gotta chastity device down there.