30 May Journal

Good morning kinksters, it’s Friday.
Coffee black, cigarette start this day like all the rest. Some reason this day is being weird. Went to bed way early last night. I had an extreme headache, a migraine that is. I haven’t had one of those in well over a year. Stress I suppose
It was a long day today. I am ready for school to be out then I can plan better the repairs I need to do. The drivers won’t be around except for some charters. The whining complaining about everything drivers. On driver was given a new unit and she keeps complaining of it getting hot. I drove it for two hours and it never once got hot.
Not sure of our plans for tonight. Maybe something good. Maybe a good spanking session. We are going to look at some tents to carry on our motor cycle. We are trying to do stuff on the cheap and the tent we have I bought us about twenty years old. It is about the right size. Not to big but about right for what we want to do. We are planning a bondage tour for the camping. Pics of bondage out in the wild.
We went and looked at tents. We are going to look at what we have here then make a decision. Being over six foot tall a 6 by 6 hex tent is a bit small for a guy my size. For her little five foot frame it’s perfect. I think we are just gonna be lazy tonight. It’s supposed to be her sexual pleasure only tonight. It may not happen. I am not sure if she is in the mood.
Well I am off for now. More to come tomorrow.
Good night kinksters.

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