An Encounter

Standing at his door he opens it. He is completely nude with a raging hard on. He invites me in and closes the door. Taking me by the neck he kisses me immediately. My cock twitches and my ass craves the dark cock attached to the body. He rips my pants off and my shirt. Now, nude and horny, he pushes me down to suck his cock. I no sooner started sucking when he began to pump my mouth. Deeper and deeper, his cock snaked into my throat. His ample balls slapping my chin and neck. He was hung like a bull large and black. The biggest cock i ever sucked, or should i say, face fuck me. My jaw was splitting open and i could not wait for it to enter my ass. He pumped away moaning and calling me dirty names. The name calling made me more desirous of his cock.
Pulling out and lubing his cock he towered me from my position. He pushed my head to the floor. Rasing my ass and leaving me exposed, he lubed and fingered my rosebud for a few minutes. I could feel him reposition, and start rubbing his cock head on my hole. “Here it is slut.” He said as he plunged in, stretching me wide i tried to get away. His hold on my hips prevented my escape. I really didnt want to go away, as he pulled out and back in. This time balls deep filling me so full. I moaned out as he fucked me hard.

After a few minutes of his extremely large Cock pounding my ass and prostate, the feeling of urinating hit me. I thought I was pissing on the floor. When I looked the oozing flood of precum was leaking from my penis. His massive Cock was filling my ass so full it was really massaging my prostate.
He leaned over and grabbed my neck, pulling his member deeper into me. Never missing a beat, he pulled me up close to him. His hands moved under my arms. One back to my neck to maintain dominance. The other around my waist to aid in his anal pounding. Licking and nibbling my ears and neck he was driving me insanely closer to orgasm. I reached back with both hands and felt his wonderful ass cheeks. I pulled him closer and met each of his thrusts in a lustful desire.
As the feeling of leaking precum continued, I began to melt into his arms. I was losing myself in his arms and living each stroke of the massive Cock. His dark skin appeared darker against my paleness. As I saw that contrast of skin tone I started shuddering. The expert usage of my body had his own pleasure coming close. I was lost in the pleasure of my own. My body shaking another orgasmic plain coming that I never before experienced. I squeezed my anal sphincter on his huge Cock.
His pumping got fast and hard. My own orgasm took over my body. I let it happen and got lost to any thing but his pumping and my bliss of sexual pleasure. Body jumping, voice moaning, feeling of pure abandoned sex.
I felt his Cock swelling, his moaning and name calling got intense. Then the flood of hot cum flowed deep in my ass. He kept pumping and I squeezed harder. Milking every drop off juice from his massive member.
I enjoyed every minute of his throbbing, pulsating Cock in my ass. My own mess of cum on the floor. He removed himself from my hole and forced me down to clean the mess I made. Licking every drop I cleaned up the mess and serviced the Cock in need of cleaning. With that I was told to dress and leave. Doing as instructed I made my exit. His final words were to be ready any time he called. The door closed and I made my way home. A sticky mess in my pants oozed from my rear. I basked in the pleasure of the orgasm I have yet to come down from.

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    Very hot!


    1. abezure says:

      It was just a quick thought that fell out somehow lol πŸ™‚


      1. Cool, nonetheless!


      2. abezure says:

        Wait for the next post of erotic bdsm


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