28 May Journal

A somber tone of laziness Haas been on our house. I am back at work today on a normal schedule. Our microwave has been fried by a dummy who pretty metal in it. So i have to eat cold lunch. Masturbation Monday was last night. No orgasm for me due to pain and spankings. Oh I tried but to no avail. Then kids came in the house. Do we couldn’t finish any way. I am so ready for the extra people to go away. We are going on two months. Two months of free loading, kids that eat like garbage disposals. Disrespectful, punks. They need an ass whopping. They aren’t my kids so I have to put up with it. They have been s root cause of our troubles the last couple months and they need to go away. We are getting to old to deal with drama like that. We are looking forward to an empty house. Short of the dogs. This has effected our mentality and play time in and out of the lifestyle. And it has become a major burden. I don’t trust them any further than I can spit. But she had a different idea.
I started writing again and realized I am being negative. I should not be negative.
I did plant some herbs in a few put l pots around the house yesterday. I may have waited to long to do so. But we will see. Out should have been planted in March but as usual to many things going on had me distracted. I plan on taking the plants and moving them when they take a good root in the pots. Perennials is what I have going right now provided they take. I need to get some sage to plant as well. Or did I plenty that already. Oh well.
We have another meeting tonight. So I gotta end here. Have a great night every one.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I always grow peppermint and basil in post. Love the smells.


  2. Pots, I meant. Lol


    1. abezure says:

      I think i got lemon basil. I used to grow herbs years ago back home but big city life has taken its toll and i gotta get back to nature again. Some of that stuff really smells good.


      1. Lemon basil is one of my favorites!


      2. abezure says:

        Cool, we will have to deliver some 🙂


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