Memorial Day


On memorial day we set aside this day for the remembrance of our nations fallen. Those that are in a public service and armed forces.
Police, and firemen and our military. They give of themselves, sometimes the greatest sacrifice, so that we can be free men and women. Sadly one day is not enough I feel. Sadly so many of us forget and choose not to honor the sacrifice that they give. Putting ones self into harms way to protect you and I. Sometimes that means not going home.

Don’t forget the families either. They give of themselves as well. With the ever present fear that the loved one may not come home. That takes a courage of commitment as well.
So this memorial day, remember the veterans of the armed services, your police, and firemen. Remember the sacrifice that they have given. Stop and say thanks to those who have not given the ultimate sacrifice. Stop and post homage to those who have.
If you are a veteran, police or firefighter, thanks from us and our house. I was in the military and did my part. Its a prideful part of me. Some wont, some couldnt, and some did, we signed a blank check to the country payable by death if needed to give the rest of the people the freedoms we all enjoy.
Happy Memorial day!

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