24 May Journal

Lots of nothing happened today. Mostly motor biking and no thoughts. We just rode around and did nothing. We did take the dogs to the vet this morning and ladder some repairs but nothing else has happened. I guess it was just a nice day doing nothing. We did think we were gonna get caught in the rain but we made it home. No wet no accidents. So we are just going to both veg out.
Have fun tonight all. We just might.

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  1. LondonMistress says:

    Hello! I’ve nominated you for the long titled – Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Visit the below post if you’re interested!
    Thank you for your support and positivity! xoxo


    1. abezure says:

      Thanks Ma’am, i am not used to being nominated for anything. Very much appreciated. Your blog is a wonderful insite for me and my Mistress.
      Again thank you


      1. LondonMistress says:

        I’m so glad! Any questions always ask – and I to you!


      2. abezure says:

        Thanks, what do i gotta do? I been out of sorts this mornjng


      3. LondonMistress says:

        You mean about the award thing? Just copy what I wrote into your blog to accept it and just nominate 14 people of your own 🙂
        You had a bad morning?


      4. abezure says:

        Yeah been dizzy today, and not sure what is going on. I finally ate something and iits better. But i stll not quite right it seems. May be to long of days and we ate some stuff late yesterday. To much sugar to much sex i dont know for sure. I feel drunk. And or hung over. I dont drink anymore much. I did have a couple drinks friday.


      5. abezure says:

        How do i know if they have one or not? Award thing that is.


      6. LondonMistress says:

        I guess unless you look at the blog you wouldn’t
        I didn’t worry about that
        I wanted the people who were good to my blog to be mentioned regardless


      7. abezure says:

        Well thats what i wanted to know. And was planning on.


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