Don’t ask me why I am posting this. I just am. The people that hate the others in the GLBT community SRM to always find them. I don’t mean hate but more like purple passion, oh my god get away from me hate for them. I know some one who is like that. I only wish I had his luck in finding guys like that in the world out side a gay bar or club. He always mentions how this guy was eyeing him and on and on……
I can’t even get a hook up in a gay bar and he find one just driving down the street. How is that possible? Maybe it’s because of his drop rooted passion against the community? I don’t know but the fact still remains that he has the best luck.
But why is it that people cannot just let others be. It’s not like anything is being forced upon them. If you don’t like it don’t look. If you stare you might just be the one who does like it secretly. It’s no matter of what it is either. Ok so I ranted it’s out. And guess what I hope my luck gets better in that aspect anyway.

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  1. I definitely agree! Growing up and in RL being a Christian and preacher’s son’s wife, I have noticed that the more people are rude and just EVIL about it, the more they seem to struggle with it. It seems only those of us open about any type of sexuality are comfortable enough to not care what other adults do in their free time (of course, within legal limits!)


    1. abezure says:

      Don’t even get me started on preachers and the holy rolling crowd. Been there seen that got a t shirt and divorce. People are just stupid.


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