22 May Journal

Or been a long day no time for thoughts of kinkyness. I am tired and hopefully I can just telex this evening. It’s 230 pm now and I have finally stopped long enough to start a Post. The day stated 30 minutes before it’s supposed to here at work. With one disaster after another. The fires seem to be out for now. Last night our whacking Wednesday didn’t happen, with a meeting late and then she didn’t come in until later. So we just called out off for this weeks Wednesday session. Besides my tail needed a break and not rely sure if it would have care for more punishment. I couldn’t bring my muscles to move last night by the time she came in and it was all I could do to acknowledge she was speaking.
I have to stop at the meat market on the way home and pick up some meat. We are totally out. I gotta stop and get some raw hide for the dogs at the few store. Luckily they aren’t too far apart. I never have been to this particular feed store before so we will see how good they are and what all they have there. We found that the meet at the meat market is better and less greasy than at the grocery. And dog food and supply’s are cheaper at the feed store. It keeps us away from Walmart. Which is good I hate that place now days.
I am going to look for some herb seeds while I am at the feed store. We have decided on some herbs to grow. Many herbs can be used and sold locally and will grow in our soil with little water. Vegetable garden just didn’t take like we wanted due to the drought. So I let the area grow back in with grass. I do want to get some pepper seeds too I think we can get those to grow good. It’s time we become more self supportive in our food.
The feed store was a disappointment. Nothing like the one we usually go to. But the market for the meat was a good trip as always. Dinner was made and eaten, and now its Magnum P.I. time then off to bed. Have a better night than you did a day folks. I know i will try.

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