“Thank you Mistress, may i have another Mistress?” Was the cries from the slave male.
Another pop of the whip breaking the sound barrier. The squirming was most enjoyable for Mistress to see. Her prey suspended, helpless, unable to move. The leather snake left its marks, bloody and whelped.
She began to laugh and talked out to the canvas of her art work, “Ah one more mark and the snake will have done its job. Are you ready for it slut?”
The slave attempted to reply when the last strike of the whip landed. All that came out was s cry of pain, deep pain. Wiggling and jiggling to shake the pain the slave looked like a rag doll.
She let him down and unlatched the restraints. She held him gently and petted his head. The scene was over yet the ownership had just begun. His desires to be her property was even stronger now. Not another word was said, everything was felt for the rest of the night, maybe even the rest of thier lives.


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