20 May Journal

I think I am sexed out. At least in the penis dept. The most we had in a while this weekend. Sex Saturday night and again Sunday morning. Then yesterday masturbation Monday I had to complete ejaculation while being spanked and punished. My penis is very sore today. The piercing has not had that much action since it was introduced. Apparently it’s not ready for that much sex yet. Tonight is titty torture Tuesday. Not sure what will happen I know I get 10 nightly swats but we are adding tittie torture to the mix.


Yesterday seemed to be a good day. Mistress went on two job interviews and possibly going to have a real job soon. I can only hope and pray. One place invited her back today for a working interview. Needing she gets to work for the second part of the interview. That is a good sign. So I have my fingers toes and eyes crossed again. May be good luck if I do.
My paycheck is being overnighted to our local home location and should be here today. That will ease some stress. So I will have to go pick it up, then after work go to the bank. I never liked direct deposit. If an issue arises like it did for me recently you are stuck with nothing. Granted it’s better than it was years ago. But I still hate it. What If I want too put my check someplace else? What if’s are always my nightmare. No matter the issue or condition the unseen issues always scare me.
I best get ready for the lull in stats on this blog. Today so far at 80+ best ever is 123. Then it dropped. But that’s life. Kind of exciting seeing so much in a week day.
Ok i am home and at a loss for words. So i am gonna end here. Oh by the way, so much for my paycheck coming today. Maybe tomorrow it will be here.

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