The Collaring

Led in to the dungeon by the master of the facility, the slave was nude except for binding cuffs on the wrists and ankles. The Lady waited in her place as the new property was being brought before her. She was a petite woman. Who had learned what was expected and the protocols from the master of this house. She studied hard and was top of the class. Now was her time to move on to her own world. Make her own rules and house. There would always be a connection to this house. Her own house ready for the beginning of a Femdom relation to happen.
The slave was a man of her liking, someone from her own past who always wanted her to be his. The events were not how he expected, he wanted a sex relationship where he got his jollies and to hell with his partner. Some how his mind couldn’t get over her beauty and fell into a trance every time he saw her.
Out front he was stripped down nude and ask the Dommes’ made fun of how he was whipped by the sight of a pussy. Crawling around like a puppy he was humiliated and getting sexually excited. The master of ceremony took the leash and led the pathetic fool into the dungeon for his collaring and proclamation of ownership. Like a normal wedding, people were sat in chairs, Mistress up front in the man’s position at the altar. Down the isle the slave to be was led. Like a little puppy being taken to his owner. He was on all fours. His instructions were to bark one time happy like for yes and to whimper for no. His place was taken on the altar where the woman would normally be but in a pup sitting way.

Ms. Aisuhi gleamed in excitement. She wanted this slave with all her heart. Her helper for the evenings events, is holding a shiny object. The music begins again as the shaman speaks out to the crowd.
“We have come here to witness a magnificent event. The gaining of one at the loss of another. The lady, Ms. Aisuhi, has chosen to gain a full time slave to own. The male has willingly accepted to lose his life as he knew it and give total control to this lady.”

The crowd claps, ooing and ahing.
“Let’s begin please.” The shaman quiets the attendees.
So he begins, “Ms. Aisuhi, do you accept this slave, the ownership, responsibilities, care and well being there of and to love and cherish the submission being given to you for ever per the rights written in the contract?”
“Yes sir I do promise to care for ultimately forever this slave as irreplaceable property.” She replied.
“Does this slave accept the agreements and conditions laid out in this contract, to support and love, accept and relish the ownership of this lady?” The shaman continued.
The slave barked out his happy bark symbolizing yes. His eyes cast down as should be until otherwise noted.
“Ms. Aisuhi you may place the collar on your slave / pet.”
She retrieved the special made collar and the key. Motioning the slave over she ordered the collaring posture and placed the collar on while repeating the words of the shaman.

“With the collar you will wear, a new name you will bear. From this moment on you will be owned a slave to my desires. The name you take will take is abezure, a slave for life you will be.”
The collar locked on and the leash attatched, Ms. Aisuhi picked up her crop, bowed and left the altar to go show off her newly aquired property. The slave trailed closely behind, as the crop landed swiftly and firmly on his ass. She arrived at the stage area in the center of the adjoining room and latched the leash to the slave pole. Beginning her greetings and salutations. The slave sat pretty on his haunches. Awaitjng his instructions and restless in nis mind of the future, but which future, immediate or distant?

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