19 May Journal

I have awoke to the jitters again today. Our contract is coming along she is changing a couple things as in the expire date. The way it was written the contact expired last night at midnight. Still I have no clue why I have had the jitters. Stress of funds being extremely low, our the fact my paycheck is hanging in limbo someplace. Not getting paid is really sucking right now. Our last few dollars have went to gasoline and a select few bits of groceries. We usually do ok but the Bank issue this last check has is really fucked up.
I never intended to use this blog as a pace to vent out personal issues like this. But it has really sucked this last weekend as we could not go shopping like normal.
It’s sure been a long year of struggles and frankly I have grown tired of it already.

It’s only 8 am and I got over 30 views already. Maybe the blogging day will be good. It kinda keeps me going sometimes. Mistress is supposed to be off to see about a job. I ain’t holding my breath.
My attitude has changed some now. It’s lunch time. We put out an ad on a website for a couple into bdsm and so far been contacted by fills who have no idea what we are all about. There is one local couple that is fem led that contacted us today and it might be promising. We would like to find another couple to hang with and Post with both lifestyle and vanilla. It sure has been a difficult search.
In light of the near completion of the new contract. I have started a new story. Fantasy I suppose yet it could come true. We are all living out of the box aren’t we? Kinky and fun, memorable and sexy, crazy and weird. So stay tuned on this kink channel for another installment of the slave live diary. 🙂 hahaha who knows what will happen next? The Shadow knows. Hey look I smile

Good for me. Hope it made you all horny as hell. 😉
Mistress says

She does ya know.
And she drools for

A man looking like this.

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