18 May Journal

I enjoy watching many older programs. Some music shows like hee haw, and westerns and other stuff of days gone by. I really dont care much for the stuff of today. However every once in a while something comes along that is worth the effort.
As of the last 20 years, actually longer, but more so lately, everything has to fit into a particular box. You may be country, or rock, but i have found each person or group has the same vocal sound as the next. Used to when a chord was struck or a vocal opened up in a new song you knew who it was before the song even really got started. Now they all sound the same in their particular genre. Cars and pick ups, 18 wheelers all have the same issue. They all look the same. Houses too are all class-less, with no personality of its own, just like the last one built.
How does this include bdsm? Well it really doesnt, we all are in a box of wierdness. This box is so vast that each one of us has our own likes amd dislikes. Our way of playing, sexing, and dynamics. We mold into the vanilla world, looking and seeing the true others of greed and besting the neighbor. Usually we just do our thing and to heck with besting or out doing the next. We only strive to out do our own self. Our voices, looks and toys are all different yet simular different none the less.
Back to music, dolly parton and merle haggard, creedence clearwater revival, the rolling stones, the beetles, bob wills, and all the others of the day were out of the “box” leading the way to things that made them great. I find it hard to find people today that are breaking the mold. Keeping the older ways alive and being out of the modern box.
The box sucks, it is a way of repression. Keeping us at bay, and protecting the big money boss. Our bravery and courage to stay out of the normal box in our personal life is unrivaled.
I worked on building an antenna for my dad today. I have several hours of work left to do. Truthfully i should have been done as i had most of the material for some time now. But now that time is getting short i have to get it done.
In other news i was handed the new contract. I am reading through it and found one issue. It ends tonight. Funny isnt it. There isnt anything so far about wearing a collar either. We will get it taken care of. Well i am off to read more, and finish dinner. Have fun!!!!! We willllll!!!!!!!

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