16 May Journal

Good morning kinksters it’s Friday. A day for fun frolic flogging and well fucking. That is of you like those things. I personally do not like those things. Who am I trying to fool here? It’s always on my mind. If I could make a living doing that I would. We had plans for tonight but it’s on hold for this moment. My paycheck is out in limbo. The back account I used for direct deposit had to be closed due to my own stupid self. I tried to cancel the direct deposit soon enough but was still to late. So I have a pay stub and no money. Don’t be sympathetic, it’s all my own fault. I should have kept closer watch on my account. Such is life of a poor man. Like I said no one is perfect. I never claimed to be either. Far from it.
So last night I was getting my swats. I am to count following with Mistress. So I chose to not say Mistress after each number. I stopped her asking if I had said the numbers correctly. So we were at 8 and stated over using the honorific as discussed. Her style of paddling last night left me lost in count. Any way she finished up and I was at 26 counted and over 30 received per her statement. So then I suggested she do a last swat a little lower and much harder. I asked that this happen every time. So I bent willingly over the bed again. She landed the paddle I squirmed and counted 1 Mistress. She looked and was happy to see a mark left. So I wound up exposing for the camera. I posted it under my happy Cock posts.
Happy Cock is a friend who likes to humiliate me. An alter ego so to speak. May be that he needs his own page or post settings. We will see how good he is first.
My sleep was fruit less last night. Dam sinuses and caffeine. I figeted all night. I think something is bothering me more than I know.
The dogs are growing. The boy dog is eating too feed his ears which have become bigger than his head. Standing up almost straight they look funny on his little frame.
So o been checking out gay men ads. I still am lost on what they mean by Cock size. A guy states he is 6×6 and I look at the pic and there is no way he is 6 inches thick. He hold have to be bigger around than a 4×4 post. It’s physically impossible. So I start doing the math and a supposed 6 inch wide Cock is 1.91 inches thick. So the next guy is 8×4. He’s looking 8 inches long but no where near as thick as a fence post. He comes out to 1.27. These numbers are easier to digest and accept both vaginally and anally. Not many if any one can take a 6 inch wide Cock. If measured correctly. Such liars.
I get off work in a few and need to do some things when I get home. So have a good afternoons folks

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