Perfection and being perfect.

First this came about from “The Aging Sub” and the post on perfection. Along with my post 15 May Journal.
Perfection is a road, it is not a destination. It is also in the eye of the beholder.
Along with all things there is no such thing as perfect. Yet we are and it is all perfect. There is no way to truly be perfect no matter what or who it is. Every drop of rain, flake of snow and grain of sand is different. To be perfect or alike another we and it must be exactly like the one previous, and after. But is that true perfection? Boring is more like it.
Perfection is birth, life, death, beauty, uglyness, old age, young age, hurricanes, tornadoes, sunny days, and rainy days. Perfection is what me make of it, regardless of how others see it. Its not how good your stats are on wordpress or how much sex you have. Its not the number of shoes or boy friends you have. It is so much more.
With bdsm we are considered freaks, imperfect. Yet since my journey started into this, with experience from other ways of life, have found that we may be mlre perfect than the ones who call us as such. We are more open, understanding, and willing to be such than anyother folks on the planet. Now with all the imperfections we are probably more perfect than anyone.
Perfection should be considered the next step. Even if we think or feel we are there, it should be the next step ahead. In japan the thought of perfection is always persued even after it is “reached”. There is always room for more knowledge and so on. There is much more about perfection that can be explored. Its ins and outs and how it can be forever achieved, or should i say strived for. Some times i think when i write stuff like this i should heed my own medicine.
In closing; i may add to this as i think of items and repost it. So please remember that if you see this posted again in the future.
Remember that when you think you are perfect. No one is or can be. Sorry to ruin your high horse.


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  1. writingthebody says:

    Very thoughtful…I feel most perfect after I have had a real hiding, and ideally been penetrated as well….(actually penetrated first, then the beating usually by different people), and I glow….just glow! And then, yes I am ready for the world…and as a freak, yes I accept that too….feel even so that I am in a space that only a few know about….


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