13 May Journal

When I went to bed last night I was interrupted. Mistress can’t in to get her night clothes for her shower. She said do I want my paddling for my attitude today. I replied I don’t think I have a choice right? This to re affirm her ownership. So with that I was to get out of and bend over the bed. I had to drop my under pants this the 10 swats commenced. 1-10 I counted with Mistress following each number. Then I was allowed to return to bed. I was so horny after that that I wanted more. But then I drifted to sleep. I woke later to find her sleeping with her arm around me. The first time in a good long while I have found this in the middle of the night. It felt pretty good to find it.

Did I ever say I hate wal-mart the place just sucks. Other places have similar prices and a better atmosphere. So here I am wasting away in lone at the check out. A minority in this place among the wal-martians with no one caring about courtesy and manners. Hey look I finally get to put items on the conveyor. What a fucked up place this is now days. Not even decent american goods are sold. I bet the tomatoes come from china.


Now i am home showered and waiting for dinner to pop out of the oven. I am starving, such a good day though a crappy start. I think we are getting our lifestyle groove back. I spanked at walmart. Oh i fit in with the walmartians. Oopz. Dinner is ready. Be back later.
Frozen pizzza was not on my list of food tonight but i ate it. I was hungry. A cheese burger would have been nice. Three cheeses swiss, cheddar and swiss. Tomatoes, grilled onion and jalapeno. Mustard yumm yumm, almost good as sex, flogging and cbt and denial. That is something to go bed over. Good night folks

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cinnamon says:

    I hate Wal Mart too. Hell on earth


    1. abezure says:

      Mistress used to work at one in roanoke and ever since her ordeals with them as an employee, i have hated it even more.


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