As a fellow blogger has started, yes I am a bit low. And that doesn’t even describe how low. The relationship is good, my job is ok and going good. So what is it? Money, that ever evil yellow and green stuff that every one lusts for more than women. We have been having a good run on the shortage of it. Now before you think anything I am only venting out my fears.
I know for a fact that if Mistress has a job we can actually save money. Without one we can’t make it. She has not been employed since February. Out savings is depleted again, not that there was much there. We have two extra boys to feed daily because of stupid acts sending them and our son to jail for theft. They can eat too. She said they had to stay because her name is on the bond papers. I am so tired of them on the house. I am not very trusting of them and they do seem to be good kids just got the carry before the horse. Needless to say or food bill has skyrocketed. Tack on her not working. And that leads to a disaster. So yes no play time no money extra people in the house has less to an angry husband. Attempts to have a job on her part has been met with plenty of interviews and no job. 10000 dollars and over a year of schooling has proved to be a waist and only put us in deeper debt. This has led to me NSF on my money market account and they are closing that account due to that. My pay check gets deposited there so I may not get a check this week. You all know how hard direct deposits are too change. So yes I am a bit low. I still have my pride and my house for now. I am stressed and tired all the time. Frankly I am done with these feelings and sure would like a good future. It appears it won’t happen. Losing at times wouldn’t be so bad at all. But it is always when we get almost to the top of the bottom that we get knocked down to under the bottom again. Do yes I am feeling like a failed person in life. Some one who can’t seem to get ahead for long. Is very depressing and keeps me in a bad mood and UN fun to be with. I feel that I am being punished for something but don’t know what I have done to deserve such a sorry time at living right now. Thanks for taking the time to read this an I know things have to get better. They could be worse and I sure pray it don’t. I have list every thing once before and go not want to go through that again. Any way end of current rant.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. txangel17 says:

    We will be fine just have faith


    1. abezure says:

      I know


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