The Forcing

Upon returning home from work, Joe is greeted by Lucy, his owner and Mistress. Joe being her slave, property and of all things a male. A lowly sperm bank, only good for fertilization and humiliation, spanking and flogging. Also good for releasing tension pent up from stress and sexual needs.
Lucy barked out to strip. He removed is clothing leaving only chastity and collar in place. These were locked on and could not be removed. She placed the cuffs on his wrists and ankles, binding his arms behind him. Placing the leash on his collar, she led Joe to the dungeon in the home.

“On the floor my disobedient bitch.” She was commanding angrily as he complied.
Tieing him up binding his ankles to his wrists and had him suspended, using a block and tackle to raise him with ease. His chest, belly and cock exposed. Exposed more than ever before. A head harness had his bound in a looking up posture.
The riding crop struck firmly on the ball sack. He moaned out in pain.
“So you think this cock is yours to play with? Well, did you forget your signed contract? I own this pathetic cock. It is mine as are you. All your body mind and soul is mine. You gave it to me, remember?” She was firm in her voice and struck the ball sack again.

Joe moaned out in pain, trying to squirm. His binds were more than secure this time. No way could he escape, even still if he did, he would drop 5 feet. Lucy had him suspended high enough to put Joes genitals in the perfect place for flogging and examining. No strain for Lucy here, just pure torturous fun given to the slave she loves. Removing the key from her necklace, Lucy unlocked the chastity device. Removed the steel from flesh and took some care to ensure he was clean for the session.
After the cleaning she grabbed the entire package, balls and cock, adjusting and fitted into one hand she squeezed. Harder and harder. Joe kept quiet but attempted his squirming again. She laughed while tapping the head of his cock with her nails.
“So, who do these belong to slave?” She asked

The muffled answer came and she asked again, with the same response.
“They are yours, did you not feel my power?” She squeezed harder, tapping harder and harder.
His muffled answer was some what intellegible, “yours Mistress.” Her grip relaxed and the tapping stopped.
She stepped away briefly, returning to flog the property at her will. She started on his chest and worked it harder and harder. Then moving to the cock that needs more than punishing. She flogged six ways to sunday, causing extreme torture to the manly bits. Pausing breifly at times to sensuously tease the cock into erection. Then she would flog somemore. This went on for some time causing Joe to scream, wiggle, and squirm to Lucy’s delight.
“You’re such a pussy, so big and tough yet you squeel like a girl. I dont think you deserve a cock. You pathetic bitch.” Laughing at him she let him down to the floor. Keeping him on his back his cock hard. She stroked it.
“I need this cock to make ME happy. I own it so tonignt we are going to get you pierced down there.” She whispered in his ear. Licking and biting his ear she drove him sexually crazy. She turned laughed and sat on his cock. Slowly she teased his cock with her Goddess temple, leaving her nectar on his tip. She inched more in and then back off, teaseing and taking more each time she allowed is entrance. When she reached to bottom she ground her pelvis into his.
She rode him for her pleasure, and she was going to be pleased no matter what. Rocking, sliding, forward and back up and down as she desired. Bringing herself to joys and pleasures. Savoring the excitement inside that was pure bliss.
Joe was moaning out, pleasure was his too. He was so close to ejaculation as he tried to hold it off. Lucy’s movements were just to much. His cock erupted in flowing juices as he went to orgasm.
Lucy kept on riding enjoying the warm flow of his fluids. Her orgasm come close, and driving her lustfully for more. Her first orgasm hit and she bucked harder on the spent cock. His squirms of torture were fruitless. She kept on riding, driving Joe mad with post orgasmic torture. She leaned down, biting and nibbling his ear, driving him even more insane. With the new position she came to orgasm again. Joe trying to get away forced his cock deeper giving her more of she wanted.

After the fourth orgasm, her body quivered and Joe released another load of his juice. Lucy still riding though barely, removed the gag from Joes mouth. Climbing up to his mouth she gave Joe back his fluids and hers too. Giving herself the last of the orgasms she could handle. As she ground her love box into his mouth, commanding he suck everydrop out of her.
She convulsed and got up with a bliss she had not experienced in a long time. She felt like a teenager again, and spent as she found the camera to take a picture of her slave. With cum and juices all over his cock, chest and face she snapped away.

Leaving him bound and convulsing from his post orgasmic torture. Then she had a thought before loosening the binds. Picking up the riding crop, five swats landed on Joes cock and balls alternatively. With that she released the binds and cuddled her spent out slave. Givign the after care that was deserved, she loved her slave and protected him. Yet she would punish him again soon. After she hurts him with the reverse prince albert she is going to force him to get. She laughed inside and does herself fall into sleep while on the dungeon floor.

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