Mistress Orders Me

Please remember that this is only a story of fantasy and not an actual happening. (Though i wish it would)
You need to be screwed by a man she says. Fucked hard like a slut. I will give you freedom to go do just that. Only you have to accept the punishment and bring back two things.
I agree to the punishment and ask what am I to bring back.
“Bring back two condums of cum as proof of your obedience.”
I turned red in shock and humiliation of the task. I agreed and cleaned up for the night. As I headed out the last word were “you cannot orgasm.”
Boy if it wasn’t hard enough with having to have two condums full of cum but to come home and still have pent up sexual desires too. Good grief.

At the local gay bar I was met with every one taken by a lover. All were having fun. I went to play pool and met some nice folks there. There was some cool asses and great personalities but none of the guys were available. Such a sucky night so far. So i was bent over to take a shot on the table to the corner pocket when a hand found my back inner thigh. I missed the shot and was aroused. It was a feeling i liked but never felt much before. I turned and jumped all at once, to find a guy smiling at me. I am used to looking down for folks as i am almost 6’5. I had to look up for a change. Tall with a little exra weight but not much, well groomed and clean, and he smelled wonderfully nice. He introduced himself as Chad, i shook his hand. Fir hand and i wanted to snuggle up and kiss him.
After i played my last shot, we went to the bar and got some drinks. We talked and chatted about many different things. He asked what i was and about the “necklace i was wearing. I said a bottom and that i was a slave to my Mistress and was here on her orders. I also told him i enjoyed male on male sex anyway so please dont be turned off. He was intrigued and confided that he was a dominant and loved to play. He said he would find another dominant to play me as well. We talked more about what my limits were and safe sex, how far i would like to go. I gave all the answers and lastly stated two things, one being the condoms of cum and the second was to have an orgasm that was not of my doing and uncontrolled by me. He laughed, i bet i can do that alone. He took my hand to his groin and placed a hand on the back of my head, pulling me close kissing me. I felt the bulge of soft large flesh in his pants and melted into his kiss. After about an hour i excused myself to the bathroom and he went to get another possible male.
I returned and was coaxed by a couple people to play pool. Not seeing Chad i agreed and played. A couple rounds went by then my ass was being massaged as stood drinking. I turned and it was Chad, smiling that demonic wonderous smile. I had to go pee again and was escorted by Chad to the room. It had been better than an hour since i went last. He took me the far stall and had me sit to pee. Removing his cock from his pants he gave me a look see. With both hands he took my head put my face to his crotch, rubbing his scent on me. I smelled his scent deeply and my insides started going crazy.
“Kiss my cock slut!” He said
I kissed and licked the cock that was a good 10 or 12 inches long. The girth was immeasurable. His balls had to be bigger than ping pong balls. I could not get even one in my mouth. He pulled me up and kissed me. Grabbing my cock and balls he squeezed hard and firmly. “You like that dont you slut?” I moaned and leaned into him he kissed me deeply then put his cock away. “Tidy up slave slut and come with me. I want to buy you a drink.”
At the bar he kept me close. Then we left and went to a more Bdsm friendly bar at his request and demands. I followed like a good slave.
He pulled out a leash when i met him at his car. Hooking it on my collar he drug me in the bar. We found a place to sit just barely. We sat and only after he had sat was i allowed to sit next to him, on the floor like a slutty bitch.

I wondered if Mistress would be excited by the scene. About then a pic was taken of me. I was asked for her phone number and then the message was sent. I didnt know then what was said but it was a thank you to her from him for the night and his “training” was being followed. I was given some orders of bowing to all men who walked by and to sniff and lick the boots of those that had them on. It didnt matter now what happened. I was his property to use for the night as that was the only response i was allowed to read at that point in the night.
Guys walked by and i bowed, licking as instructed to the boots. My ass slapped hard with bare hands. My stirrings of sexual excitement grew. Chad locked the leash to the table on a locking hasp that was provided for such and excused himself for a moment. While he was gone i was bowing more and licking boots. I was called names like puppy and bitch. One guy came up and as i bowed then started licking his boot he used that boot to raise me up. I kept licking and then he grabbed my head pulled it into his crotch and ground my face. He had on vinyl pants so i started licking them in his groin area. Causing him to get erect. This was cause to be slapped which happened and he said i was not allowd to do that per Chad.
Chad returned and forced my pants down exposing me to the world i didnt know. Humiliated i sat there as Chad released ghe leash and forced me up on my feet. He removed my pants completely and had me kneel back into my slave position. Then removed my shirt and had me nude. Chad gave me instructions that i was his pet, bitch in heat for say and i was to beg for cock. I was to stay on all fours as a puppy cannot biped around like a human. Only wimpers and barks were allowed.

He also said i was allowed to sniff and lick other puppies if there were any available in the bar. Asking if i understand i barked once for yes. Off we went to explore the bar…..
As we traveled through the bar I sniffed everyone’s legs and feet. When we paused and someone smelled nice I would sniff higher until I reached the crotch area. Sometimes this was met with a petting on the head and others would slap my nose. I would whimper and go pout and Chad’s feet. I had to pee again and started showing signs and whimpering for release. I found a spot and attempted to pee when I was smacked on the ass and taken out the back area to do my puppy business. My treat when I finished was a lick on Chad’s now exposed cock. He led me back in but before opening the door he wet my behind with some spittle and finger fucked me. I suppose it was to prepare me for the next part of his playing on the bar.
Back at our table I was sitting pretty on the floor as another pup and owner came to sit with us. I got up on my fours to go smell and sniff the new puppy arrival. A lovely vanilla smell from this one had me licking and playing with him. He returned the favor and we played for awhile. Our play time was cut short just as I was enjoying his vulnerable,Chad and his friend Donny were called to bring their pups on to the raised stage. It was announced that they were the only people with pets and that they wished for closer viewing and interaction with the pets. My heart sank as I was led to the stage. Oh the embarrassment I was feeling. As my nice body was being placed on display to be fondled touched and fucked. So I thought any way.
During the course of the night I remember flashes going off but was not overly concerned. Then I noticed the phones that were out taking pics of us. We were given plenty of cock to taste and suck. Some of them grew so big I gagged and my partner pup was having issues too. Then we were assaulted from behind. Fucked and pounded hard stretched open and had cum all over our backs. Chad and Donny watched as the snapped pic after pic of us being used. Partner pup has a nice cock and I sure wanted it. Donny led his pup to me to clean the cum off my back. He whispered in his ear something I could not hear. Partner pup began licking my back then my behind. Next thing I knew was he was mounting me like an alpha pup and entered my ass. Humping me like no tomorrow he felt so good. I could smell the vanilla in his sweat and I laid my head low in a sign off submission to his alpha ness. Chad was clicking away pics. I moaned and whimpered in pleasure from this action. I was feeling like a real bitch in great now and loving every minute of it.
Partner pup ejaculated while still in me he held on like pups do in the animal world then finally released me. Donny took his condom off and gave it to Chad. Still sexually excited Donny took me. Through out all this we had spectators galore adding to my embarrassment. All taking pics. Donny had a good sized penis and it pounded me for a few moments then he let me back to Chad. Leash led back to the table Chad picked up my clothing and led us out of the bar. Stopping to say his good byes, I was petted by every one with some taste of chick as a treat by some.
Out into the night air, naked, on my hands and knees like a dog, I was led to the car. Extremely vulnerable, humiliated and scared due to the scene of what I was doing out side the protection of the bar walls. Hoping a police man or woman didn’t come along to ask what was going on. To the back of the car he led me. “Go potty bitch so I can take you home to be really fucked.” He commanded
I did my business and was put on the back seat. I was told to lay down as dogs can’t be buckled. Do I did and away we went. I wondered of the pics that Mistress may have gotten to this point. How she either hated or loved it I didn’t know. I drifted off to a short nap.
I was awoke to a firm tugging on my leash. Harsh words from Chad, “wake up sluty bitch, get out.”
Almost to dragging me out he re stressed “come out you fucking slut!”
Finally I was awake enough to move and exited the car. A firm slap to my ass followed by “bad boy, listen to me next time.”
The street was well lit and it left nothing to the imagination of any one looking. I was led to the back yard via the gate between houses. Nice plush grass awaited and I enjoyed it’s feel. A dog house with a wonderful pass inside was also waiting.
“Here is your home for the next couple of hours. Get used to it, I will be right back.” He said as he removed the leash.
He turned to walk off to the house and I followed with my noise in his ass. He went inside and held me back as he closed the door.
I made the best of my role and stayed in it as I explored the realms of the yard. Peeing and marking my territory like any dog would. I went in the dog house and found it was made to accommodate a human pup. The pad was really nice inside, plush and comfy. I only wished we had this at home. Chad returned with some real fetish leather on. It was that kind of leather coverings that only covered the genitals and was mostly strap every where else. It made me want him even more as it didn’t hide his gorgeous body.
Attaching the leash he led me through the back yard obstacle course. After each one I got a treat shaped like a penis. They were very tasty and I would beg for more. Then after the obstacles I was led over to a special “puppy” bench. The leash was fastened to the head end tight enough to prevent my head from raising but not so tight to choke. Then my hands and legs were attached to the bench leaving totally me vulnerable. I squirmed to move and was given a comforting penis shaped treat. He soothed and rubbed on my back and head. Spanking me softly then firmly going back and forth until he reached the full pain effect.
Standing in front of me he removed the covering from his cock. While doing so he he spoke firmly, “now slut it’s time for you to accept the real treat of the night.”
His cock so big and shapely leaving me wanting it. With a drooling mouth I whimpered the whimper of desires. He stepped forward to me and teased my mouth.
“You want this don’t you slut? You like cock like a little whore. You fucking slut, I am going to give you a cock. Hard fat long and fast.”
He inched his dick to my mouth and totally shoved it in deep. Gagging me then backing out only to do it again. He moaned in pleasure and took more pictures. Then the entrance deep into my mouth he reached to my back side and started playing with my bum. Working me fit a second or two then backing out to let me have air. Then he just fucked my mouth. I moaned and growled on his cock on hopes to bring him more pleasure.
“Oh yeah bitch, that feels good.” My hopes were answered.
He stopped his mouth assault and disappeared behind me.
Panting I was out of breath and wanting more. I was almost spent when a fluid came among my anal opening. A sensuous touch to my opening. Probing ever so often causing me to moan in pleasure. Begging for more working my ass in an attempt to seduce him to fuck me.
So with one then two then three then I lost count. I assume his entire hand was finally in my ass. He fisted me for a few minutes and took another pic of my ass being filled.
“All right slut, it’s time to see how this man pussy feels to my cock. I know you been dying to have it fill your ass all night long since I put your hand on it at the bar.” He went on about his love of my ass and such.
An emptiness came to me back there. He removed his hand from my ass. And replaced it with the soft tip of his cock. Teasing my bum entrance with it. The warmth and loving feel that accompanied it was divine.
After the fingering and fisting, he teased and then just plunged balls deep into me. I yelped, pleasure, pain or both. I was filled deep and wide. The cock was all I hoped for. The pounding was hard fast and full stroked. The talk and words Chad used were dirty, slutty, and such a turn on. I eyed to meet his thrusts but was bound and couldn’t.
He talked more as I moaned and whimpered.
“What a good sluty hole you have bitch. I know you like it. You’re mine you little cunt.” His hands on my shoulders. Driving his cock hard in my ass he took me like a virgin. I felt like one too.
After an eternity he drove in deep. Grinding his pelvis, his dick moved in me. Driving me insane I was in heaven. I was about to lose my ability to hold my orgasm back. He pulled out and plunged in again. His cock seemed to be growing as he was almost ready to explode. Pumping fast and hard then plunging and grinding one last time the condom swelled. My body shaking and quivering as the deep orgasm took control of me. Moaning we both lost ourselves. His cum filling me, my body defying me as the orgasm took over. My body twitched, jerked, and wiggled. My noises were of lustful pleasure. Gone to pleasure land.
I came to and was feeling used and loved. He was petting me as I was released from the binds while I was in pleasure land. My head in his lap his cock in my face I licked him lovingly.
We cuddled that way for sometime. Then he helped me to my feet as our puppy play evening had come to a close. We got in his car and drove to where my car was. We stopped and watched the sun come up. I kissed him good bye and he did he would request my presence again from Mistress. I got in the car and went home.
Mistress was at the door waiting. Her first words were for me strip nude. I complied and kneeling I presented not only two condums of cum but six. Part of the punishment was to place the cum on a platter and consume it. After the wonderful medley of mixed cum I was taken to the bedroom for my punishment.
I had to bend over and keep myself still. Fifty swats. The original plus 30 for orgasming.
I took my pain and was allowed to go to sleep. How she know? Oh well Chad did his job.
I fell off to sleep dreaming of a dual dominate session with Mistress and Chad. Me being the shared property.

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