7 May Journal

They call it hump day. I never get humped our hump on Wednesday. So we call it whacky Wednesday. A day for ass whacking. Our what ever else happens to need whacking. Or the pleasure of the whacker. 🙂
Last night I went to bed quite horny. Had several dreams of sexual desires. Of only they would come true. The first came as thoughts while trying to drift into sleep world. I ended up on sexy street with a dreamy man of dominant capacity.

No B/S kind of master. If I sassed he smacked me. Which leaves me with an erection and desire to serve him. The collar on my neck firmly grabbed to lead me where ever he wanted at his will. A reminder that I am his property to do with as he wishes. At home he takes me sexually like a slut deserves. Forcefully shoving his cock in my throat. As I am tied helpless to whatever he deems is satisfying at the time. Sometimes it’s the bed others the kitchen table or chairs. But always in a way that allows his pleasure. I do the chores nude and available for his punishments to be received or his sex to be pleasured. I find that his dick entered my ass while doing dishes and loading the dishwasher. Bent over I am exposed to his liking. Fucking me harder making me beg for release of orgasm. Then I clean him orally and am allowed to masturbate for him on the kitchen floor as a slave should.

The next scene that played out was that Mistress took me to be humiliated at a gay leather bar. Her friends meet us there. I am given to the men for sexual abuse. She drags me in with a leash attached on my collar hands bound behind me. Then I am tied to foot rest pole at the floor of the bar. Sitting on knees with head bowed. Like a puppy bitch waiting for its first taste of cock. Scared and trembling I sit waiting. When the other Dommes arrive they laugh and point at me. Helping Mistress find a super man with a cock that never needs charging. After some time they bring over one who is a total dominate top. “Her boy, wanna piece of this?” I look up and see a black hand unbuttoning his pants. After some manipulating his cock is released. His balls out as well. His nut sack was half way to his knees. His cock was ginormous. Not giant, but much bigger.

My jaw drops, met with the tip of his cock as he leaned into my mouth. As he grabbed my head and forced it deep down. I knew he was being teethed I just could not open any further. Mistress and her friends were calling me slut and cock sucker. Testing me at how much a slut I looked like. Soon I was being fondled and finally unlocked from the pole. I was taken to the stage and was put on display for all to witness. Superman and his super dick fucking my mouth. All cheered as he slapped me worth his meat. Then shoving it deeper. Making my slut mouth a lover of BBC. Others joined in and spanked my ass. Fingering my rosebud getting it all lubed up for the end result.

So there i am being fondled and tortured by everyone. Tits, ass, balls, cock, when everything stops. At least for a second, until mistress starts paddling my ass. “Are you enjoying this my bitch?”
“Yes ma’am” then the guys all start laughing. Calling me a pussy slut.
“Cant you cum with out permission? SLUT, HAHAHA.” One called out being mean and using words to humiliate me further. The ladies all are loving the show telling Mistress how she has such a good little whore.
So by then the 20 swats of the newly made paddle had struck. The men all gathered around and started fucking my ass and mouth. Pounding me hard. Then about when i thought i was done along came “superman” his cock entered slowly into my ass. Stretching my ass making me scream out. The laughs of pleasure from the Dommes as i squeeled was embarrasing. “Cant you take a cock slut?”
Deeper he went and went and went filling me so completely i thought i could taste him. Then he pulled back almost to exit. Then with all his force and energy plunged deeper so very hard. Then his pounding became rythmic, his balls slapping around past my cock and hitting my belly. Fucking me harder and harder. I moaned and screamed like a little sissy baby. He called me bitch, his fucking whore with a lovely tight ass. Stating he wants to fuck me regular.
Then i woke up to the alarm with a hard on. Wishing i could go back and finish up. To feel the growing erection just before he explodes. But that would not happen. I had to dream of my dream all day wondering of the power his orgasm would have. And now i just want to experience it for real. Gosh i hate those kinds of dreams, they leave me all hot and bothered. If only i could be wet from it too.
Well that is the journal for today, maybe my next story will come out soon. I been working on it. Actually i have a couple in the works. But these up above were from my kinky dream state lastnight hope you all enjoy such a wonderful bisexual and gay style writing, good night.

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