5 May Journal

The typical 3 days of mourning are over. O didn’t write yesterday as I worked on the yards and trees napped and made other stuff and just didn’t feel like it. We are kinda back on track today with our conversations. I have to make another collar. We were at the feed store Saturday they had some choke collars that were more along what we were after to make a descrete collar from. They are a little smaller in the link size so it won’t look so gaudy. I will have to make a new lock device. The others are up for sale if interested.

For those who don’t know we have 2 puppy’s now. One male one female. The female is still a bit on the scared side but it’s only been since Saturday night that Mistress went and picked her up. The other male pup is not whining like he was and they seem to be liking each other. Playing and being pups. They seem to be fairly intelligent also. Skidish as all pups are but that is to be expected.


Yes I know that it’s a Christmas blanket. Is just what we have right now.
We have been discussing the collar off and on all day so I need to get busy and get the lock done. I am kinda sleepy this after noon. Started out with a pretty bad headache this morning. Finally the aleve kicked in so I stayed at work. Felt pretty good till now i just got sleepy.
After my stop on the way home to pick up tool and being late getting home i didnt get to work on the locking device. Well there is always tomorrow. Boy i need a day off. A time away from the mundaine of normal working. Just a get away. There is so much to do here at home i will need another vacation to recover from vacation.
Maybe some rain is coming, if you live close to dfw, well then, dont hold your breath. Good night all off to bed again. That headache from earlier wore me out.

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