3 May Journal

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Good morning kinksters, its saturday. Cool and noisy of birds this morning. Going to the leather shop to get some stuff for a mothers day present to my mother. I have the needed hardware, just not the leather i want to use.

Tree trimming and yard work wears you out when you havent done it in a while. I am still not done trimming out the dead branches. It will have to wait until tomorrow. Had to take down the old dog runner, with hopes we wont need it again. I was about in tears again while doing so. Its been up across the entire back yard for almost six years. Thats how long we been here in this house. We got her a couple years before we bought this place. She loved climbing fences. And could climb almost any fence she got around. Especially this little 4 foot chainlink fence we have here. Well, she got to where if the notion took her, a squirrel usually she could jump and clear the fence. That is why she had to be on the runner.
Anyway i do have my material for the belt and need to get that finished.
Now Mistesss is ofc looking at another puppy. Dont ask me why we need another pup. I just dont know.
I need to head off to bed or work on that belt. I will sit around tomorrow thinking of new ways to be a slave. At least after i get the trees finished trimming. Good night all.

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