Unkown random words

Open your soul, Empty your mind. All you have is now mine. The clothes you wear, The collar you bear, Shows the world that you are mine. To me you gave it, To taunt and toy. I mold and expose, Humiliate and spank. The way it began, Was the power you put in my hand.

Happy Cock says1

Do you think i could have this? Oh gosh they are big. Surely one would use me for their pleasure 🙂

Mistress has

Mistress has a new alter ego, Happy Puddy. See here its the grandest since sliced bread! 🙂

Happy Cock wants

I want some undies like this. Would not mind them delivered with the package either. He would get a wonderful tip. 🙂

30 May Journal

Good morning kinksters, it’s Friday. Coffee black, cigarette start this day like all the rest. Some reason this day is being weird. Went to bed way early last night. I had an extreme headache, a migraine that is. I haven’t had one of those in well over a year. Stress I suppose It was a…

Yours Forever

On the floor nude I bow. At your feet is my place. Property I am now, Cuffed and collared in this space. 10 Years ago i made a vow To be yours until the days, That i can no longer.

The collar

Your collar that I bear, Isn’t so hard to wear. The hidden secrets I hold, Shall be yours to mold.

29 May Journal

Its easy to cherish that which you cannot have. It’s hard to walk straight in tomorrow’s wind when there is a tornado. And if we are strengthened by yesterday’s rain then I must be one of the strongest people on earth. Our 10 year anniversary was yesterday. No we didn’t do anything. Well she went…

Random Words

The feel of you behind me, Throbbing against the ass. Arms holding tightly, The body you currently possess. Like an animal of the wild, Your passion runs deep. Primal needs of sex run while, The prey attempts to leave. Taking what you earned The beast with in yearns. Orgasmic bliss awaits given by your quarry….

An Encounter

Standing at his door he opens it. He is completely nude with a raging hard on. He invites me in and closes the door. Taking me by the neck he kisses me immediately. My cock twitches and my ass craves the dark cock attached to the body. He rips my pants off and my shirt….

To Be

Used as a piece of sexual meat is a great desire right now. To have a group of people that call me and I go to their location. Fucked for the pleasure of the other party only.