Sundays weekly Journal

Wellllll so much for storms, they all went east before they developed and that was at 9 am today. We got a couple sprinkles.
Been lazy and watching tv this morning. Gotta go work a couple projects again but not for long. I want to rest some today. Its been a long week.
Boy this was not to be posted yet. Some how i got distracted and didnt change it to a draft.
So we went to the store and made some progress on our projects. I got the collars finished here are some pics:




I will put some more on my projects page. I have some of the lathe working to cut and polish lock device. If maybe you are interested in anything or have a design you want, i probably can make it.
So we are watching Jeff Dunham. Then i am to bed, with maybe a lovely week will start tomorrow. Sex, Love, BDSM, and sensous loving for the whole week. To bad it isnt always the case.
So to those who dont like or care for our lifestyle, well we dont force you to watch or participate. It doesnt make us bad people anymore than going to a church makes you a good person. I have seen and been a part of a relationship in the past. She was in the church along with her parents. Guess who did what? It wasnt me. I have no issues with religion. But for some reason the church always knows of all the “sins”. Is it because jt forced on them, no, it was because they were doing what they tell us not to. Besides if it is bad to you, or you dont like it, well, dont look. I dont like something on tv i dont watch it. Any way many people i know in and out of the lifestyle feel the same way. Just dont look. We arent bad, others arent bad, yet there are bad people in everthing. People in trailer parks arent all trash. People in rich communities arent all good either.
Take us or leave us, just please dont bad mouth us. Let us be to our demons you to yours. Our life brings many challenges of deep love and thought, as does yours.
Enough ranting, good night all. Be happy in your self. Not in others.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. missaisuhi says:

    Cant wait to put the colkar to use


    1. abezure says:

      I cant wait for you to put it on me. Forever yours, and a new contract to boot 🙂


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